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Fire Safety Products


 Moray Fire Protection supplies and installs all types of health and safety signage including:

Moray Fire Protection Fire Exit


Under the new legislation companies must easily identify the nearest safe escape route.  Correct siting of  escape route signs makes a major contribution to  fire safety management. Moray Fire's Exit  signs meets the standards in accordance with BS and ISO standards.





Legislation dictates that all fire fighting appliances are clearly marked  and accessible.  There are a large variety of signage to accommodate all types of fire equipment, location and instructions on the contents of the extinguisher and the types of fire it is safe or unsafe to use it on.  Everyone in the worksplace should receive appropriate training and know when it is safe to use a fire extinguisher in the event of a fire.  There is a "Know your fire extinguishers" signs which will assist the training  of what type of extinguisher to be used in what type of fire. 

Numbering fire extinguishers is an effective way of identifying the location of extinguishers.  Moray Fire also supplies extinguisher ID signs with space for up to 3 numbers. 

Fire equipment signs should also be used for:

  • Hose Reels
  • Fire Blankets
  • Fire Alarms
  • Fire Phones
  • Fire Point

Our signs fully conform to BS standards.  


To prevent the ostruction of escape routes, mandatory signs should be permanently fixed on all fire doors. 


As part of any companies Health and Safety and risk assessment producedures, where applicable, warning signs should be permanently fixed to warn members of staff and/or members of the general public of potential dangers. 

Appropriate signage to prohibit dangerous behaviour limits potential risks.  These include:

  • No Smoking
  • No naked flames
  • No entry
  • No mobile phones

and many more. 

For further information on signage, please email us for details



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